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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Music Review February

A few postings prior, I said I was going to write reviews on new music that I have received. As we know there are a multitude of genres of Irish / Celtic music; something for everyone.
The first recording is entitled ‘The Good Neighbors’, electronic instrumentation with Celtic influences. There are eight tracks ranging in times from 5:51 to 9:37 – much too long to air on the radio. The titles are very interesting: The Raven’s Wing, Tam Lin, The Ale is Dear, Rosalyn Castle, Deirdre’s Lamentation, The TWA’ Corbies, Weepy Jamie, and Queen of the May.

Perhaps ‘electronica’ is what the young folks are listening to, a constant beat that can entrance you. For me it was a bit off the mark; too much of a constant ‘drum-like’ sound with little variation in melody.

You be the judge and check it out for yourself at
http://www.myspace.com/goodneighbors. Certainly Josh needs to be given a lot of credit for putting this recording together as I'm sure it took a lot of work; it is not music that I particularly care for.

MetalKelt - ‘Fusing Tradition’ – Is the debut recording of two Pittsburgh fellows, Matt Hughes and Paul Giampaolo. MetalKelt is Metal Music with Irish Traditional Songs; 18 tracks including a self penned song, “The Pride of Ireland” by Matt Hughes, who performs on guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Paul Giampaolo performs on keyboards, drums and vocals. Their selection of songs include 'Come Out Ye Black and Tans', 'General Taylor,' 'The Moonshiner', ' God Save Ireland' and several more. A good choice of songs!!

The music was very pleasant and not too heavy on the metal, although the vocals need a bit of work. Matt and Paul both did a fine job arranging these two genres. These fellows need encouraged to continue as there is potential here! Fusing Tradition has a very good cover sheet with excellent design and giving credits and times of the 18 tracks. You can check out their website at www.metalkelt.com.

Eddii Reader - “Peacetime” – on Compass Records, www.compassrecords.com A singer from Scotland, Eddi Reader’s voice projects the emotion of the song, whether joyful or sad; as the listener, you can feel it through her singing.

“Peacetime” has 15 tracks, mostly traditional songs arranged by Reader and excellent liner notes. She gives you a bit of the story of the song which helps to visualize what she is singing about.

Eddie Reader has a very lovely voice, easy to listen to and understand. This is a good CD for your music library. Her website:

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