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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Comments on The Easter Rising Narrated by Kuralt

Front Cover of Booklet

It looks like I inadvertenly deleted a couple of comments. That is too bad as this Blog does not receive too many comments; so I really do welcome your questions.

An inquiry I have received several times is "Where can I secure a copy of 'The Irish Uprising 1916 - 1922' narrated by Charles Kuralt? This recording is a 2-LP set, A CBS Legacy Collection Record, Produced under the direction of Goddard Lieberson, Narrated by Charles Kuralt, CBS News Correspondent.

This was recorded live in Dublin by the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, especially for this recording. It is the story of Ireland's fight for freedom in songs and ballads, interviews with survivors, and excerpts from speeches by its leaders, including Eamon de Valera.

It truly is a marvelous recording with a couple of pictures and booklet. It most likely is out of print, but you might try on Amazon.com or perhaps eBay. I venture to say it was recorded in the late 1960's, although a date of recording is not noted.


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