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Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Goals

Here we are at the second Sunday, of the first year, of a new decade. I think it is time I get my act together and set those Goals, one more time, for another good year!

I did complete one goal from last year -- I quit smoking January 5th; yes, I did cheat a bit. I bummed twelve cigarettes over the year and although it averages one per month, it did not work that way. I would have bummed a couple of smokes at particular events. In any event, it is now the beginning of year two and I am still proposing to remain smoke free and no cheating. Besides a really good incentive is all the money I'm saving not purchasing cigarettes!

Somehow I need to get out and walk to remove weight I put on due to a change in habits and some marvelous cooking in which I have been experimenting; soups, muffins, entrees -- most of it tastes pretty good!

And as always, another goal is to write a few paragraphs each week along with posting Dateline Irish and the Playlist. I know if I did it regularly, it would not be such a chore. Daily I need to collect my thoughts, create a few sentences, then walla! by the end of the week there is enough material to write you an entertaining column each week. So I will give this a try, one more time!

That's it for tonight folks!!


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