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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happenings Around My Town

Ancient Order of Hibernians,
Pennsylvania State President Dinner
Saturday, May 19, 2007
Greentree Holiday Inn

Jim Green has been AOH Pennsylvania State President for the past two years. A celebration of his achievements took place with a Dinner / Dance at the Greentree Holiday Inn on May 19, 2007. It was an excellent night, well attended by many family, friends and national dignitaries. The Emcee for the evening was Glen Cannon with AOH Division 9, former Chairman of the St. Patrick's Day Parade and Board Member of The Irish Society for Education and Charity.

Picture #1 is Jim & Lynn Green, a bit more relaxed after all the speeches.

I had the honor of sitting with a very influential and distinguished group of people. Picture #2 is AOH Pennsylvania State Past President, Kevin Donohue and his wife Patty. Kevin is a member of AOH Robert Emmett Division 23 in Lawrenceville and former Chairman of the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Seated beside me was the LAOH National President, Dorothy Weldon from Washington County, Pennsylvania. Dorothy and I are often at the same events but seldom have time to really chat. This evening we had some very interesting discussions. From all I heard about Dorothy that evening she is a very effective National President.

Picture #3 - Dorothy Weldon, LAOH National President

After Dinner it was time for some photos. Above, Picture #4 is beginning on the left - Patrick O'Brien, President, AOH St. Patrick Division 4 in the North Hills. Kevin Donohue, Past PA State President. John McEvoy, AOH Division 9 and Allegheny County AOH Secretary. In the center is Jim Green, AOH PA. State President and a member of AOH Monsignor Charles Owen Rice Division 1, South Hills. Denny Donnelly, AOH Allegheny County President and member of AOH Sean MacBride Division 32 in Carnegie. Dan Devinney, AOH Allegheny County Treasurer and member of AOH Robert Emmett Division 23 in Lawrenceville. Rich O'Malley, member of AOH Monsignor Charles Owen Rice Division 1, South Hills. Dorothy Weldon, LAOH National President.

Picture #5 is Jim Green thanking his 'team' and all the people who helped to make his term so effective.

Picture #6 is AOH National President Jack Meehan from Quincy, MA and beside him is Joe Farrell with AOH Division 9 in Oakland, Pittsburgh, PA. This was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Mr. Meehan and our discussion was very good.

Picture #7 is LAOH National Chaplin Fr. Frances Hanley with LAOH National President Dorothy Weldon.

Picture #8 is AOH Pennsylvania State Hunger Project Chairman, Ed Dougherty from Philadelphia. Seated beside him is Rose Franchelli a friend of Dorothy Weldon's and beside her is Fr. Frances Hanley.

Another person seated at our table was AOH PA State Vice President Seamus Boyle from Philadelphia; unfortunately Seamus was out and about as I was taking photos.

This evening was a 'grand night'! What struck me most was the accolades paid to Jim Green. I work with Jim on 'The Year of Remembrance Committee' (TYORC). I have said to him many times how much I enjoy working with him because I like his 'thought processes' and how he approaches situations; plus he brings to the table much creativity with good ideas and ways to achieve fruition; along with his excellent leadership. As I listened to the comments made by men and women who have worked closely with Jim over the past several years, they verbalized what I had verbalized to Jim; and I didn't know that going into the evening.

The response from the women in the LAOH was outstanding. I interpreted their response as a huge amount of respect and support for all his efforts as Pennsylvania State President.

There was a tremendous amount of harmony in the room; it felt so good to be a part of it and to meet and eat at the same table as many of Jim Green's distinguished guests.

On a side note, I am not a member of the LAOH; I was there as a friend of Jim's.

Ah, it was a grand night!


Diane Byrnes


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