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Friday, August 08, 2008

Marie Carolan

Marie Carolan, age 29, from Ballina, County Mayo has been in Pittsburgh since July 11th undergoing extensive surgery at UPMC for a brain tumor. She had her first surgery on Monday, July 14th; going through two procedures that took in 11 hours. Unfortunately her medical team were unable to successfully remove the entire tumor and Marie had to undergo another 10 hour procedure a week later. This time the team was successful.

Marie has had a few more surgeries that have taken care of a few other problems.

Marie's family and a medical professional, Eileen Bulger, traveled with her from Shannon to Pittsburgh -- John her father, Mary her mother, Dervilla her sister; her brothers Sean and Patrick have both been out a week.

Marie is still in the UPMC hospital system; she has moved often from Presbyterian to McGee to Montifore and back to Presbyterian Hospitals.

This young woman has a fantastic spirit and not too much will hold her back! You can monitor her status at

The family has set up this site as other family and friends want to monitor her progress. As you can imagine this whole experience has cost a tremendous amount of money. There are opportunities for you to help out in defraying some of this expense, you can donate online at the above site.
God Bless you Marie Carolan and may you be well soon. It will be good for all the family to have a good nights sleep in their own beds.
We wish you well and a speedy recovery.
All the best,
Diane Byrnes and other friends in Pittsburgh


At 6:04 AM, Blogger Theresa said...

The good people of Glencastle will be amazed to know that Marie is from Ballina :-). And there they were all the time thinking she was one of their own. lol. Thanks for telling the story. It is a truly Inspirational one.
PAt Caff

At 2:08 PM, Blogger Diane Byrnes said...

Theresa, I guess as a point of reference 'Ballina', being close to Glencastle, is an area I related to; hence Ballina instead of Glencastle. Thanks for pointing this out to me.



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