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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Samhain 2008

Samhain, The Celtic New Year Celebration took place on Sunday, October 12th at Mullaney's Castle in The Strip area of Pittsburgh. These next few photos show some of the results of our 'set up' for the day. We had marvelous weather, the first time in 10 years it was warm and sunny. Although we did hold it a week and a half early.

This was the 'aMAZEing Site' (the tables in front of the maze)! Created by Jim and Maureen Laffey.
This was a walk through the forest.

Jean Kaniecki, our 'Sprite' of the evening relaxing and having a bite to eat before she began her work as a 'Sprite'.

As he sits in the shadow, Bob Kaniecki is taking a short break after his hard work putting up the castle walls. During the evening Bob is our 'Pooka'.

Here we have our Cemetery, a bit bare with few leaves; they had not begun to fall yet.

Another view of the Cemetery.

The enterance to the Castle, surrounded by trees and our banners!

A view of the Castle from the side!
Another view from the other side!

This is Jim Laffey sitting in the forest, taking a break to prepare for the evening!
The 'Tree of Life' was our backdrop on the stage. It looks much better in person!

Chef Bryan Regan as he is preparing the Appetizer Table!

Do you notice the Dragon? he's that black item above the food!

This is my Warrior! Frank Cindrich was our 'Celtic Boar', a warrior of strength!

Tom Welch is our Gate Keeper; he collects the tithes of the folks coming into the Castle!

The Wenches were preparing to work the tables for the evening; (left to right) we have Samantha Cadden, Shauna McInness, and Michelle Howe.

My Warrior again; isn't he handsome??
Jim Laffey took 400 pictures of our event and soon I hope to post some of those photos.


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