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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Irish Ways and Brenna Briggs, Author

I recently purchased the above book and 4-CD set by Ron Kavana; it is a brilliant piece of work. For those interested in Irish history through music, this is an excellent account. Not meant to be all inclusive; it tells a lot of the story of Ireland and the thoughts and feelings of the ordinary person, throughout time through song.
The book is chronologically divided: CD-1 covers Per-historic Ireland to Normans, Henry VIII to William of Orange. CD-2 covenr penal Laws to Age of Revolution, Rights of Man & 1794. CD-3 covers Act of Union to Great Hunger, Emigration & The Diaspora; and CD-4 covers Fenians to Civil War, Free State to Modern Ireland.
Other musicians accompaning Ron Kavana include Brian McNeill, Gino Lupari, Shane McGowan, Terry Woods, Paddy Keenan and Niamh Parsons.
This truly is a marvelous piece of work with a beautifully illustrated book and four CD's and the written word that makes so much sense. If you want to learn about Ireland's history, Irish Ways is a good start!

Brenna Briggs, Author of the Liffey River Series -- Brenna has recently published her third book "The Secret of the Mountain of the Moon" and promises to be the most intriguing of the three.
Liffey Rivers is a 13-year old Irish Dancer and slueth; she seems to encounter situations that require use of her intuition and skill in solving mystery. Always an interesting character, Liffey Rivers is good reading for young folks and those of us not quite so young anymore.
Brenna interviewed on Echoes of Erin today and informed us the book is available in most book stores and online at www.Amazon.com.


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