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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fundraising Campaign

February 5, 2012 begins the 24th year for Echoes of Erin broadcasting on WEDO 810AM. If you are a steady listener or part time listener I am sure you have heard me ask for financial support to remain on the air. The fact is I need to pay WEDO for the air time throughout the year.

Echoes of Erin has two Fundraising Campaigns going on and you are welcome to subscribe to one or both of them.

Friends and music lovers I encourage you to become a “Friend of Echoes of Erin”; this is quite simple and would be a huge help. All you need to do is save $1.25 per week, which equals $5.00 per month and $60.00 per year. By your sending the $60 at one time, I will send you a ‘gift card’ of $25.00 OFF at ‘Restaurant.com’, an economical way to experience a new restaurant.

Your checks can be made payable to Echoes of Erin and sent to Diane Byrnes, 78 Grant Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15223.

You can listen to Echoes of Erin --
1. on the radio as it is being broadcast from 12:30PM to 2:00PM Eastern time.
2. on the internet anywhere in the world at the same time as the actual broadcast through the ‘live-stream’
, http://www.wedo810.com/, click ‘Listen Live’.
3. on online through the archives. Type into your address bar:
http://www.wedo810.com/ (eight one zero) and click Program Guide, Scroll down to Echoes of Erin and click on, a page of program numbers comes up, click on one of these and download to your desktop, then listen at your convenience.

The second campaign is a "Back Two Raffle". This raffle will be held every Saturday beginning February 4, 2012 and is based on the 7:00p.m. Pennsylvania lottery and requires minimal support from the participants, only $5.00 per week for as many weeks as you would like to participate. Send an email to diane.byrnes@verizon.net for the details.

Either one of the campaigns benefit the show by enabling me to pay for the air time and associated expenses and continue with Irish radio programming for your enjoyment and information.

Along with a broad scope of Irish and Celtic music, you also hear the news from Ireland with news correspondents in Donegal, Galway, Dublin, and Belfast. I bring a variety of guests to the program to discuss many topics of interest and I conduct several telephone interviews with singers, musicians, authors, heads of state, and so many others. And you also receive a calendar of events, Dateline Irish, each week. You can print this calendar to help you in your social planning.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, won't you please join in my campaigns and help.

Thank you,
Diane Byrnes


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